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Pest Control in Brisbane

We know your lovely house and office space is dear to you. And you want to fully guard it against pests and termites. If you are looking for pest control service do call Safe Bond Cleaning or send your requirement on line to us. 

We, the Safe Bond Cleaning, are leader in pest controlling and possess competence to secure your properties against all great threats to their long life and appearance by very small microbes and other circumstantially born small species mostly happen due to ignoring or deferring maintenance of your home or office space. 

These small creatures are so dangerous that without any visibly noticeable sign they can damage not only your house or office space but also become potential reasons of infection and other diseases.

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Safe Bond Cleaning provides best pest control services in Brisbane to protect your home or commercial space against bed bugs, lice, ants, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, rats, mice, silverfish, spiders, bees, wasps, termites, and lizards.

We are into pest controlling for nearly a decade. Our team has highly skilled pest technicians to exterminate pests of any size house or commercial complex. We also conduct pest inspections for you before you finalize to buy a house or the level of pest threat to your residence or commercial space.

All our pest technicians are well qualified and competent to exterminate. They are fully insured and license holders of their expertise to offer stress free service to the client. We believe in the best output while performing our task of home pest control, so not only the manpower but also we possess latest state of the art equipment’s to help our professionals to deeply assess and fix the problem. Then only the action to exterminate creepy crawlies is carried out. Every our team mate is polite and friendly.



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Save Yourself!

Life is too short to clean your own home. 

Features of Our Services


Before we start pest control action we thoroughly examine the problem and explain its intensity to our client and method we use.
Safe Bond Cleaning provides safe services as you will get bond back guarantee

Satisfactory Services


Our technical experts display a high degree of confidence in executing their job backed with 100% guarantee of best results.


Why Choose Safe Bond Cleaning To Control Pest Problem

Safe bond cleaning has very high standards of working. We carry out our job through a truly professional team of well qualified pest technicians who are working in this field for a decade.

We strictly stick to international standards to use pesticides and chemicals which are less harmful to others.

Our pest control team is polite and friendly, and takes due care of client’s concerns.
Our qualified pest technicians are fully insured and possess license of their job as a mandatory need. It’s a big relief to potential client.

We charge less than many others for our highly standardized pest control service.

We extend full guarantee and support to every job we have done, and believe in happily welcoming all queries and suggestions of our clients.


Safe Bond Cleaning has become household name for pest control in Brisbane for its being customer oriented and giving fully dedicated output at lowest rates.  So make a brilliant decision to immediately engage Safe Bond Cleaning for your pest control needs either for your home or commercial space and get compliments of being smart.


Years Experiences

Let's Control Pests From Your Home


We’ll Work To Make It Right

We are affordable, reliable and trustworthy being fully insured and license holder professionals in Brisbane and carry out every pest control responsibility with utmost care and concern to customer satisfaction.


We Have Qualified Pest Controllers

Our qualified pest technicians use latest techniques of pest controlling. People these days are more conscious about health and environment. They are curious to know about organic pest control or natural pest control. In fact “Organic” or “Natural” pest controls are not defined as such by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to completely protect your house and commercial space against pest problem for a longer duration or to be able to give 100% results of pest control.

As far as organic pest control relates it refers to those products that don’t include any chemical or synthetic substance in their composition. Natural pest control refers to a non-toxic solution which discourages pests but doesn’t kill them. Therefore more accurately both of them fall in the category of repellants. Both these methods are effective to a limited extent for a short duration.

Organic or natural instead are the terms associated with farming and food manufacturers or growers not the pesticides. However Safe Bond Cleaning has qualified pest technicians to guide you for your organic and natural pest control needs for a particular crop.

Safe Bond Cleaning possesses highly skilled experts. We stick to proven methods of professional pest control by employing scientific gauging of mixtures according to the nature and requirement of the problem. There is no doubt there are numerous companies working in the field of pest control in the market but we are a company which provides solutions for varied range of pest control under one roof. The quality of ours makes us one of the best pest control companies compounding our customer growth in the past few years.