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Bond back cleaning

Thorough Bond
Cleaning in Brisbane

We strive to deliver exceptional bond cleaning Brisbane house cleaning with a professional touch that pleases your space and overcomes the burden of cleaning from your mind.

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_ Effective Cleaning At Your Doorstep _

Effective End of Lease Cleaning in Brisbane

Is it your End of lease period? However, moving out is a troublesome task involving a lot of hassles. End of lease cleaning is different from regular cleaning, and many things need to be resolved before leaving the house. In simple terms, it can be said that moving out is a challenging task.

But it can be easy with the help of professionals, and we are the experts of the End of lease cleaning in Brisbane. Don’t look further as Safe Bond Cleaning is a reliable vacant cleaner composed of a team of experts who are liable to clean your rented space in-depth.

Moreover, we have years of experience and helped numerous tenants and landlords to clean their space. We gain a reputable position in the industry because of our trustworthiness and affordability.

end of lease cleaning Brisbane
tools used for end of lease bond cleaning


We are not like others who make frame promises; our actions and work reflect our excellence. So, don’t bother about anything as our service is for you. We guarantee to provide a 100% bond back from your landlord. Safe Bond Cleaning is a reliable place to get end-to-end solutions for the End of lease bond cleaning in Brisbane. So, what are you waiting for? Just contact us and ease all your End of lease cleaning hassles without any burden on your mind and pocket.

Save Time. Save Money.

Save Yourself!

Life is Too Short To Clean Your Own Home

Exclusive Features of Our Services


Worrying about your bond, be relaxed; our service of End of lease cleaning in Brisbane provides you with a 100% bond back guarantee.

Custom-friendly Cleaning Solutions

No matter what the size of your property and for what purpose you need a clean space, we have comprehensive cleaning solutions.
Safe Bond Cleaning provides safe services as you will get bond back guarantee

Provide Safe Services

Verified Professional Cleaning

Security is paramount, and we care for it; thus, we send fully insured, and police verified cleaning experts to your home.

Robust Customer Support

We offer you 24X7 customer support. You can call us and contact us anytime as our staff is always ready to help you.


Inclusions & Exclusions


Kitchen – Clean inside/outside of all kitchen drawers, cupboards, oven, cook top, grill & range hood, wash inside/outside of dishwasher and appliances, damp wipe all kitchen bench tops, clean kitchen sink and taps.

Bathrooms – Wipe and disinfect toilet, clean and disinfect shower screen and tiles, clean and disinfect bathroom sinks, wipe all counters, clean mirrors, bathtubs wiped and disinfected.

Laundry – Wash sink and cupboards, appliances – external wipe down(If applicable).

Bedroom, Lounge/Dining room – Clean mirrors, remove litter, clean inside cupboards, removing all scuff marks.

Hallway – Clean mirrors, cupboards inside and stairwells.

Walls & Doors – Spot clean walls, doors, light switches for finger marks and scuff marks throughout.

Floors – All vacuumed and mopped throughout.

Dust/Wipe – Throughout all light fittings, all skirting boards, fans, air conditioning units, air vents and remove cobwebs.

Windows – All throughout internal & external(Where safe to do so), sliding glass doors, frames, and ledges wiped down.

Balconies/Patio – Complimentary sweep and mop.


Mold –  We do our best to clean the mold but we do not guarantee it to be removed completely.

Complete Wall Wash – Wall wash is an additional service and it is based on the condition of your walls.

Outside areas – We do not offer any cleaning in the outside areas, as a complementary service we provide a sweep or mob if you have a balcony/patio area, but we do not guarantee the cleaning of these areas because of dust and rain.

Ceilings – We do not clean the ceilings as a part of our service.

Garage – We just sweep and mop the floor in garage, we do not clean the walls.

Specialist Services – Specialist services like grout cleaning, pressure wash, professional blind cleaning, windows from outside.

Kitchen Items – We do not clean cutlery’s, any items placed in the cupboards and draws.

Cleaning Cost

We are known as the best team of bond cleaning experts. The services provided by us are loved by clients and our charges are very less for our exceptional services. Our customers not only come back to us but refer their connection for our services. You can be assured for the best competitive price we charge for our good services.

Safe Bond Cleaning have professional cleaners who have 10+ years of experience in End of Lease Cleaning

Years Experiences

Reliable Cleaning Agency

Exceptional Cleaning By Professionals

Affordable End of Lease Cleaning

If you are looking for a brilliant vacant cleaner, you are at the right place. Safe Bond Cleaning is a trustable end of lease cleaning provider that you can trust as our cleaning process is not ordinary. We follow an innovative process to clean your house, and it’s why we are a leading name in the industry. We initially understand your cleaning requirements after visiting your home to give you complete information about the service charges and all. 

Then, we investigate your space and offer you exclusive service packages that fit your budget. Our objective is to provide exceptional End of lease house cleaning in Brisbane that satisfies our customers and builds their trust in us. Therefore, we offer you incredible cleaning and the robust support of our staff; we are always ready to fulfill your needs without any conflicts.

Furthermore, our cleaning process is eco-friendly; we don’t use any harmful and toxic products as we believe in safe cleaning for individuals and the environment. We also care for our workers; hence, we make sure to provide them with all the safety measures to avoid any adverse effects of the End of lease cleaning.

So relax and allow us to make your space spin and space in a limited time as we are the best End of lease cleaner. We are well sure that you don’t get innovative cleaning and exceptional vacant cleaning services like us.




Our Bond cleaning service aims to clean the property to satisfy the Managing Agent (under the governance of the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Act 2008) of the cleanliness of that property for the tenant to have their bond released.

Professional bond cleaners for house cleaning in Brisbane
Specialist with all tools for End of Lease Cleaning in Brisbane
We Do Thorough Cleaning


Are you looking to get rid of the moving-out cleaning? Call the professionals to ease all your bond cleaning hassles. However, a specialist can only help you get rid of the vacant cleaning challenges as they have brilliant knowledge of the cleaning process. 

At Safe Bond Cleaning, you can get experienced and experts of the End of lease house cleaning in Brisbane who are acknowledged with the advanced cleaning practices and use of the advanced cleaning tools. 

Cost Effective
100% Satisfaction
Insured and Bonded
Quality Services

We believe that your landlord will definitely be impressed with our cleaning services, and if not, you can immediately call us, and we will again send the experts to your door and re-clean your house as your satisfaction is prior for us. Furthermore, we offer you a 100% bond back guarantee, and if you are not satisfied with our cleaning, we will return your money within seven days of the cleaning. Our words are worthy of us, and we always stick to them. So, get the innovative End of lease cleaning Brisbane with the support of the specialist and experience an amazing cleaning without any stress and hassles.


You Can Learn More from Our Asked Questions

Whenever you rent a property and reach the End of the lease period, you need to deeply clean the rented house in order to get your bond back. This cleaning is called End of Lease Cleaning, and it includes bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, walls, floor, carpets, and deep cleaning of the whole rented house.
Yes, you can do it by yourself, but it’s a burdensome task that requires a lot of time and energy, and your landlord doesn’t need to satisfy it. So, to prevent yourself from further disputes and save your time, money, and energy, it’s a good idea to take help from the End of lease house cleaning Brisbane.
Well, the cost of the End of lease cleaning services may differ as the cleaning price depends upon your cleaning requirements and the size of the property. Furthermore, at various sites, you can get different rates, so it’s better to explore various bond cleaner sites and get the one that offers cheap End of lease cleaning services.
End of lease cleaning is not as simple as regular cleaning, so you need to book the fastest services provider before getting the fastest services. Generally, End of lease bond cleaning in Brisbane takes 3-7 hours to clean the space deeply, but it may be different as per the size of the property. At Safe Bond Cleaning, we inspect your home and initially tell you the cleaning time to save your time.
It’s a frequent question asked by many customers. Safe Bond Cleaning is a trusted and affordable end of lease cleaning service provider, ranking competitors. We offer you advanced cleaning services accomplishing all your needs at a meager price. You might find many End of lease cleaners, but we are pretty sure that no one can give you exceptional cleaning services like ours.
We have been working in this field for a while and helped numerous tenants get their bond back. We offer customer satisfactory cleaning services with a 100% bond back guarantee. Furthermore, we are liable to re-clean your space if you are not pleased with the cleaning.

Stay Tuned With The Best

Don’t waste your time thinking more; it’s time to take immediate action. Get quality under the best quantity at Safe Bond Cleaning. We understand all your desires and the fundamental entities of End of lease cleaning, so get in touch with us and take benefit from our unparalleled End of lease bond cleaning in Brisbane.

We are the best vacant cleaners for landlords and tenants and aim to meet the customer’s needs in no time. So rely on us and get a spin & span space at the best price without any stress on your mind. We are just a call away from you, call us, and we will give you an incredible end of lease cleaning experience.