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_ About Cleaning Agency _


Everyone in this world has a few very dear and personal choices to satisfy his or her belief about individual achievements and to add to the happiness of his or her own people we lovingly call family and friends. Having a dream of adorably furnished house is an essential part of our achievements we strive hard day and night for. Decoration and accessories are inseparable to make your home or an office space inspiring and a happier place. It also defines our taste of living.

Your place is incomplete without a good selection of floor coverings that not only enhance looks of your place but is the most important part of furnishing accessories to decorate a home or an office. It reflects the taste of the owner who has chosen its color and texture. We therefore need to pay due attention to maintain their looks and shine by carrying out their cleaning on regular basis by a professional carpet cleaner to retain the beauty.

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A pleasing surrounding of a space can’t be completed without a good and clean carpet. From health perspective also a carpet is good to save us from dirt and dust particles as it is capable to absorb them to keep your room or office space dust and dirt free. To maintain standards of good looks, odor and dust freeness a professional cleaning of floor coverings and carpets are immensely necessary after regular intervals. Safe Bond Cleaning is one of the leading companies carrying out carpet cleaning services for its clients for nearly a decade.

Our expertise has no challenger in Brisbane and we feel proud to inform that our dedicated hard work had earned us a top position in the eyes and minds of our clients for their cleaning and upkeep requirements of different household purposes including office or home carpets. Safe Bond cleaning possesses a very strong team of highly skilled professionals in varied fields of cleaning services. Our focused hard work had always proved our quality of understanding our client needs better. Carpet cleaning Brisbane tries its best to fully grasp the requirement of our clients and give desired output to see their beaming faces and loudly expressed satisfaction. Our carpet steam cleaners use robust machines strong enough to remove bad odor accumulated in a carpet by food particles, pet strolling and shoe soles. Soiled carpets and stubborn stains on them are a challenge but our best carpet steam cleaners fully revive them back to their beauty.


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Our response time is minimum and are immediately available to suit your convenience.


We carry out home and commercial carpet cleaning job within stipulated time without any complaint.

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Safe Bond Cleaning provides safe services as you will get bond back guarantee

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We accept payments through any mode best suits our client.


We provide 100% support to prove our true professionalism and improve our prospects of growth.

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Why Choose Us ......

Why Choose Safe Bond Cleaning

We are a company with best leadership qualities of work and have no rival to supersede our professional performance in home and commercial carpet cleaning. We have equipped our team with latest vacuum and steam cleaners for carpet cleaning for the best results.

If from your point of view you feel any iota of dissatisfaction with our job, we would love to re-clean your stuff for free.

Our company uses high grade non-toxic biodegradable carpet cleaning solutions to keep the surroundings safe and hygienic for best pro health conditions. it also displays our responsible nature of being largely conscious not to cause any damage to our environment.


The professional carpet steam cleaner of safe bond cleaning use robust machines capable to deeply clean any thick stain or muck to fully remove them and bring back beauty of your floor coverings to a new high.

Despite the best we offer to our potential clients our carpet cleaning prices are the most competitive for carpet cleaning in brisbane backed by 100% support.

We are open 24×7 to receive your queries and suggestions.


All are cleaning sessions are concluded with more satisfaction of our clients when our cleaning experts suggest them certain tips to retain clean and tidy looks of their household for even longer duration than ordinarily it is supposed to.


About Cleaning Agency ........

Cleaning With a Conscience

Carpets absorb dust and dirt in the surrounding and keep it grasped within its fabric as long as its fabric is capable to. After a while it starts showing it up underneath. That is the time a carpet cleaning is required to restore its looks and rejuvenate the texture. Safe Bond Cleaning professional carpet cleaners keep every minute aspect of carpet cleaning in mind while doing their job and never fail to offer necessary tips for your carpet’s longer life.

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Clear Your Queries

Yes it does need a professional cleaning. We know a carpet accumulates a lot of dust and dirt over a period of time without visibly showing that on it. However we can adjudge from its dull looks and smelly surrounding after a while. It is unhygienic and we should opt to professionally clean the carpet sooner possible.
Cleaning has many dimensions. However you can vacuum or dust your carpet yourself. You can also treat an accidental spill immediately with a water soaked cloth. But after a certain interval it becomes necessary to get your carpet cleaned by a professional for good reasons of hygiene, health and beauty of your space.

An Effective CARPET CLEANING At Your Doorstep

Apart from qualified skills of our carpet cleaners, they are completely an innovative lot equipped with latest state of the art equipments. Our cleaning machines are robust to clean dead skin, pet hair, and dust and food particles mixed with a carpet’s texture. Their working style is cool and pleasant filled with zeal to complete the job on time with best efforts without any stress or inconvenience to the owner who had availed our services. We are the best home carpet cleaners in Brisbane.

Safe Bond Cleaning team feels rewarded when we see happiness and satisfaction in the postures of our client after we had concluded. Our company is one of the leading companies mindful of our duty towards our environment and health of every human being. We keep in touch with the latest developments in the field of climatic innovations to defeat pollution and factors of health hazards so we use absolutely non-toxic biodegradable cleaning solutions for the good health and hygiene of our clients. Safe Bond Cleaning team has many feathers to its hat and one of the most significant aspects to help add more feathers to it is our down to earth rates for proven unmatched carpet cleaning quality which makes us cheap carpet cleaners.

We feel happy to welcome all your queries and suggestions and extend full support and guarantee of our work. We have a dedicated desk to make it convenient for you to contact us for your requirement or you can also inform us to call you back at the ease of your time. You can also book Safe Bond cleaning’s carpet cleaning service on line or can send down a mail to us whatever is convenient for you. Our clients and everything we had serviced for them are dear to us and we want a long relationship with them as carpet and upholstery cleaner. So, to increase the life of your carpets we always help our clients with necessary tips to preserve its shine and odor free looks for a longer period. Professional Safe Bond Cleaning team honestly sticks to every aspect of best quality carpet cleaning and feels rewarded with a wow of our clients after the job is done.