End of Lease Cleaning Checklist

The End of Lease Cleaning Checklist is prepared to guide you on how to get your bond back. Safe Bond Cleaning understands your checklists while moving your house and we’ll help you give house packing tips. Although, it is essential not to overlook the end of lease cleaning if you are planning to move out of a rental property.

A leaseholder can restore a rented home to its original condition and even innovate it using these house cleaning tips. This moving out cleaning checklist will ensure you a stress-free and successful move, especially to rental bond recovery.

End of Lease Cleaning Tips to follow

These tips will guide you to keep your stuff safe and keep them from missing out. Often, the supplies get lost and this may create chaos.

  • Make sure you keep your cleaning supplies in an organized manner; keep them in a portable holder so that the cleaning process can speed up
  • Clean left to right, top to bottom, and back to front for best results
  • Initiate with dry cleaning like dusting, sweeping, & vacuuming before going for wiping surfaces with damp cloth or mopping
  • If you have pets, then make sure you keep in check about their mess. Clean the kennels, cages, and tanks thoroughly and fumigate the area if necessary
  • Dispose of any hazardous moving items that cannot be carried. Also, check the moving house Do’s and Don’ts checklist to know more about the items classifieds

Checklist for End of Lease Cleaning: Outdoor Cleaning Tips

  • Clean all the outdoor furniture along with your veranda
  • Make sure to remove the dust or spider webs from walls, and windows
  • Cut the grass from the lawn, trim the edges, sweep paths and weed gardens
  • Get rid of the mess created by pets and repair the damage done by the pets
  • Get rid of the dry leaves from the pool and clean the filter
  • Check the outdoor lighting and ensure it is cleaned and in working condition
  • Remove any dirt or oil marks from garage and driveway
  • Get rid of the empty and washout household bins
  • Check if the garage door is hosed down and the working opening is left behind

Checklist for End of Lease Cleaning: Interior Cleaning Tips

  • Wardrobes, cupboards, drawers, & shelves are clean and empty
  • Ensure the globes are working and light fitting are cleans
  • Window ledges, architraves, picture rails, skirting boards, and doors are cleaned
  • Windows, sliding doors and fly screens are cleaned inside & out
  • Air conditioner, vents, and filters and wiped and cleaned
  • Dust and spider webs are removed from indoors
  • Ceiling fan blades and lights are cleaned thoroughly
  • Ensure all switches and door hardware are wiped
  • Cigarette odor and nicotine stains are removed
  • Furniture is cleaned and placed in the original position
  • Wash, dry, and re-hang the curtains

End of Lease Cleaning Checklist: Kitchen Cleaning Tips

We not only clean indoors and outdoors of the property but make sure that every part is cleaned thoroughly. Be it the area or furniture- everything gets our attention and care.

Oven walls, grill, racks, and trays are cleaned inside out. Clean oven with half a cup of baking soda mix with three tablespoons of water in appropriate ratios. Apply the paste on oven walls and avoid any heating element. Leave it overnight and wipe it in the morning.

Get rid of the stove top stain and clean it thoroughly. The filters are cleaned thoroughly and make sure the overhead light is working. Clean the dishwasher along with the rubbers, door, and filter. Use baking soda to clean the food stains as baking soda cleans the steel area perfectly. Adding bleach can kill bacteria leaving the machine fresh and clean.

It is essential to clean the food and other waste from the sinkholes, plugs, and taps. If your kitchen sink is made of stainless steel, then wipe it down with mineral oil to make it sparkle. Clean the garbage disposals by using the lemon slices, a spoon of salt and some ice-cubes.

Wipe the cupboards inside and out along with washing all the countertops, benches, and surface areas. All the food is removed from the refrigerator & freezer and it is ensured that dishwasher & microwave is cleaned from behind.

End of Lease Cleaning Checklist: Bathroom & Laundry Cleaning Tips

  • The baths, showers, screens, basins, and toilets are cleaned & disinfected
  • Fill a plastic bag with enough vinegar to submerge the nozzle and tie the bag around it. Leave it overnight and it’ll remove the residue that has been a build-up
  • A paste of baking soda and vinegar is good to clean the shower walls and doors. Apply the paste, keep it for an hour and remove it with a damp cloth for a sparkling clean glass
  • Make sure the fixtures and facilities are free of soap residue
  • Clean the surfaces along with all the tiles and bench tops
  • Use an old toothbrush into bleach and scrub to remove the mold from tiles, ceiling, grout, and walls
  • Polish the towel rails & toilet roll holders. Make sure the sinks, drain holes, mirrors, and ceiling fans are cleaned

End of Lease Cleaning Checklist: Walls & Floors Cleaning Tips

  • Clean the scuff marks from the walls and for it use sugar soap mixed with warm water
  • Vacuum and steam the carpets; clean all the sliding door and window tracks
  • Mop the tiled floors and floorboards’ clean walls and floors behind all the appliances


This may sound like a lot of work and for the best services contact Safe Bond cleaning. We will help you to clean the whole house and even make the move-out task easy.

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