Inclusions & Exclusions


Kitchen – Clean inside/outside of all kitchen drawers, cupboards, oven, cook top, grill & range hood, wash inside/outside of dishwasher and appliances, damp wipe all kitchen bench tops, clean kitchen sink and taps.

Bathrooms – Wipe and disinfect toilet, clean and disinfect shower screen and tiles, clean and disinfect bathroom sinks, wipe all counters, clean mirrors, bathtubs wiped and disinfected.

Laundry – Wash sink and cupboards, appliances – external wipe down(If applicable).

Bedroom, Lounge/Dining room – Clean mirrors, remove litter, clean inside cupboards, removing all scuff marks.

Hallway – Clean mirrors, cupboards inside and stairwells.

Walls & Doors – Spot clean walls, doors, light switches for finger marks and scuff marks throughout.

Floors – All vacuumed and mopped throughout.

Dust/Wipe – Throughout all light fittings, all skirting boards, fans, air conditioning units, air vents and remove cobwebs.

Windows – All throughout internal (Where safe to do so), sliding glass doors, frames, and ledges wiped down.

Balconies/Patio – Complimentary sweep and mop.


Mold –  We do our best to clean the mold but we do not guarantee it to be removed completely.

Complete Wall Wash – Wall wash is an additional service and it is based on the condition of your walls.

Outside areas – We do not offer any cleaning in the outside areas, as a complementary service we provide a sweep or mob if you have a balcony/patio area, but we do not guarantee the cleaning of these areas because of dust and rain.

Ceilings – We do not clean the ceilings as a part of our service.

Garage – We just sweep and mop the floor in garage, we do not clean the walls.

Specialist Services – Specialist services like grout cleaning, pressure wash, blind cleaning (In case if you want to have blind cleaning, then an additional amount will be charged) not included.

Kitchen Items – We do not clean cutlery’s, any items placed in the cupboards and draws.